About Us

We provide strategic advice

Oldhams Advisory was created to make necessary guidance and support accessible to Australian business owners during every stage of the lifecycle of their business. Our focus is on providing affordable business management and advisory services with zero compromises on quality or expertise.

Oldhams Advisory was founded and is led by Glen Oldham. Glen is highly skilled and knowledgeable with decades of experience in high-level accounting and business management. He is passionate about providing affordable business mentoring, consultancy, structuring, management and recovery expertise to small and medium-sized businesses in Australia.

Glen’s experience across businesses of all sizes and within all industries has meant he’s seen and heard it all. He offers a unique perspective, excels at complex problem solving and genuinely cares about business owners and their continued success.

Glen’s approach is down-to-earth, transparent and honest. He loves working collaboratively alongside clients and imparting the knowledge he has acquired over the years. Giving business owners the tools to achieve their dreams is something Glen is committed to and highly motivated by.

What we do

Our multi-skilled background gives us an edge over other advisory services as we understand both business management and the complexities of business accounting. This enables us to create truly dynamic and well thought out strategies for your business, ensuring both its longevity and financial sustainability. 

We work with clients at every stage of business ownership from learning how to start a business, to business structuring,  insolvency,  and acquisitions. You can trust us to guide you through it all. We are familiar with all the necessary legislation and regulations associated with business ownership and ensure your business is optimally structured for tax purposes and profitability.

Why choose us

If working with a large, corporate entity feels off-putting or overwhelming, you need Oldhams Advisory.  Our personalised, genuine service sets us apart and makes us the ideal choice for business mentoring and advisory services.  

 Your success is our success, and this is what drives us as a business. As a small, Australian owned business ourselves, we deeply understand your needs on a personal level. We always operate with integrity and we’re not afraid to tell you “No” if we believe a decision won’t best serve your interests.  

For approachable, practical and expert advice, contact Oldhams Advisory today on (07) 3188 5400 

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